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Autoclave with an innovative and adaptable design that combines excellent performance, dependability, and safety with a small and stylish design. Flash Sterilisation is a variation of traditional steam sterilisation (gravity, pre-vacuum, or steam-flush pressure-pulse), in which the flashed object is put in an open tray or a specifically constructed, covered, rigid container to allow for quick steam penetration. Furthermore, the container maker has built and certified various rigid, reusable sterilising container solutions for use with flash cycles. When sterile things are exposed to the air, they will get polluted over time. As a result, the longer a sterile object is exposed to air, the more bacteria it will attract. Some of the equipment's distinctive technological characteristics include the Emergency Vacuum / Pressure Release Key, which, when pushed for 3 seconds, will stop the current programme while also exhausting the chamber pressure or releasing the chamber vacuum.


Flash Autoclave

Flash Autoclave supplier in Thanjavur

Perform an automatic check for each functioning step condition. Low water alert and warning if there isn't enough water. Door closure signal and auto pressure door lock gadget Time, pressure, warning, and faulty operating are all displayed on the LCD display. Pressure switch and steam pressure safety valve provide dual protection for chamber pressure. Pre-heating with a dry heater, which not only maintains a constant temperature in the chamber but also provides a flawless dry function. Separate devices provide temperature control during the sterilising cycle and temperature protection for each heater. Separate from the usual sterilisation programmes, this is a stand-alone programme. Finally, the system's unique dry performance preserves it in good shape and extends its life. We at MAP Industries strive to keep up with changing trends and technology, thus we provide a wide range of conventional and new era equipment at reasonable prices.

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