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Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation is a well-established process that has been used to sterilise things for decades, including products for sale, waste for disposal, and objects for reuse. Ethylene oxide is used in medical facilities to treat catheters, stents, integrated-electronics equipment, and other things that cannot tolerate the high temperatures in autoclaves. Scalpels, clamps, and other metal devices can be sterilised using EtO, however autoclaves are more frequent. The EtO therapy is done in batches. The components must be integrated and cleaned in the proper sequence and for the appropriate period of time. The treatment takes performed in an enclosed chamber to avoid gas intake or exhaust during the operation.The machine provides a comprehensive sterilising solution in a single usage. Users do not need to modify or replace heavy gas tanks or tubes, nor do they need to utilise a hose, valve, regulator, or filter. It is free of CFCs and HCFCs, which are used in low-temperature sterilising. It has no negative effects on the environment. Therefore, no special disposal is necessary.

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

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