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MAP is a major flash autoclave manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. Various types of medical equipment and gadgets are utilised in dental clinics for treatment. Dentists ensure that all medical equipment and tools are free of germs and viruses at all times. Bacteria and dangerous viruses found in medical equipment can cause a variety of diseases and health problems.

In such instances, the Flash Autoclave is an excellent piece of equipment for neutralising these types of devices. Using the heating and steam process within the device, it can quickly eliminate all types of hazardous bacteria and viruses. It's commonly utilised in the medical and dentistry fields. This machine runs quietly and has an integrated steam generator that satisfies the sterilising requirements for urgent OT and Laboratory applications.

It has safety valves and is highly insulated to avoid heat loss. After the sterilisation cycle, the tools are virtually dry. It also has a temperature auto cut-off feature that provides complete safety.


Automatic Flash Autoclave Machine

Automatic Flash Autoclave Machine Supplier in India

It consumes extremely little energy and water, which contributes to its cost-effectiveness.The safety aspects of the equipment created at MAP set it apart from other manufacturing businesses. Among the features are If the door is not properly locked, a double safety protection mechanism prevents the cycle from commencing. If the pressure inside the chamber is not equal to the air pressure outside the chamber, the door will not open. Overpressure in the chamber and steam generator is prevented by a pressure safety valve. If a short circuit or electrical fault develops, the power is instantly turned off. The technology can detect and identify the exact source of any problem, as well as provide the operator with a particular error code. The main water level switch in the main tank controls the minimum and maximum water levels. There is an automatic warning for maintenance.

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