Laboratory sterilisers, autoclaves, steam sterilisers, media preparators, and dispensing equipment for liquid media and microbiological culture media are all manufactured by MAP. MAP designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of products for contemporary laboratories, science and research, as well as biotechnology, pharmacy, quality control, and production, all of which are ISO certified.

MAP's Autoclaves and Laboratory Sterilisers are designed exclusively for laboratory sterilisation applications, making procedures safer, simpler, more precise, repeatable, and valid. The autoclaves can be used in a wide range of laboratory applications, including the sterilisation of liquids like nutrient and culture media, solids like instruments, pipettes, and glassware, waste destructive sterilisation of liquid waste in bottles or solid waste in destruction bags, and biological hazards in safety laboratories


Automatic Autoclave Sterilizer

Automatic Autoclave Sterilizer Manufacturer in Solapur

We at MAP are delighted to collaborate with our clients and assist them in selecting the best autoclave for their needs in terms of size and process technology, ensuring that their sterilisation procedure is carried out safely, accurately, reproducibly, and legally. The autoclaves can be set up so that the sterilisation process can be validated, proving a repeatable treatment in safety laboratories, cleanrooms, and manufacturing facilities. We are happy to assist our clients in qualifying and validating their sterilizing methods. In addition to the aforementioned applications, autoclaves can be used for other purposes such as material stress testing or small-scale simulations of industrial sterilisation operations. Our qualified people can assist with all aspects of the qualifying process, including Design Qualification, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Process Qualification, and therefore will record everything according to GMP standards.

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