Cleaning engine parts developed by MAP has never been easier. In comparison to submersible systems, the surrounding transducer setup offers great effectivity. For consistent and severe cavitation, the powerful generator system has a revolutionary frequency sweep. Transducers composed of high-quality phosphor-bronze/silver construction to reduce heat build-up, with an optional oil skimmer. The advantage of having Ultrasonic cleaners created by MAP is that it saves time and money since ultrasonic cleaning is quick and efficient. Cleaning that is more environmentally friendly than traditional chemical cleaning chemicals Cleans and extends the life of components. When compared to submersible alternatives, the surrounding transducer setup offers great effectivity. Ultrasonic cleaning scrubs the surface of submerged objects with high-frequency sound waves conveyed through liquid.


Ultrasonic Washer Machine manufacturer in New Zealand

Metals, glass, rubber, ceramics, and even hard plastics are among the materials that Ultrasonic Washing Machines developed by MAP can clean. Ultrasonic Cleaning is very effective in removing impurities that have stuck to complicated goods with blind holes, fissures, and recesses. Wetting agents are used in both types of cleaning solutions to lower surface tension and promote cavitation. Cleaning efficacy is often restricted with aqueous cleaning solutions, although they are better for the environment than solvent cleaning solutions. Medical device, automotive, aerospace, dentistry, electronics, jewellery, and weapons sectors all employ Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment developed by MAP. Medical and surgical instruments, carburettors, weapons, window blinds, industrial machine parts, and electronic equipment are all good candidates for ultrasonic cleaning.

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