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On the basis of absorbing the benefits of comparable goods, this product was built utilising sophisticated computer technology, automation technology, welding technology, and process. The Ethylene Oxide Steriliser must be kept in a well-ventilated area away from any potential sources of fire. Special exhaust pipe should be built and entirely separated from the rest of the building's exhaust plumbing to make repairs and routine maintenance easier. Keeping the Ethylene Oxide Steriliser, as well as the cylinders or cans, away from ignition sources and static electricity. Ethylene Oxide storage should be free of fire, have no spinning motors, be kept out of the sun, and have adequate ventilation. To avoid spraying the liquid, we advise clients not to apply too much effort while dosing or opening the bottle.


The Ethylene Oxide working environment's air concentration is measured once a year. MAP's Ethylene Oxide crew is well-versed in both professional expertise and emergency response. MAP's Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Is Used to Sterilize a Wide Range of Healthcare Products, Including Single-Use Medical Devices. EO Gas Sterilization Can Effectively Penetrate Surfaces of Most Medical Devices Using a Vacuum-Based Process, And Its Lower Temperature Makes It an Ideal Process for a Wide Range of Materials. To prepare for sterilisation, the load is heated and humidified during the pre-treatment stage. The load is sterilised at low temperatures with the right concentration of EO Gas, and the gas is removed from the product and packaging during the post-conditioning stage.

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