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Because it aids in achieving instant strength in AAC blocks, the autoclave is the most powerful machine in the AAC Block Plant. After cutting, they are placed in the autoclave using the track, close both doors, and begin the curing process. As seen in the graph, we measure Steam Pressure during this process. This process should take no more than 10 hours, after which we may transfer the steam to the third autoclave and adjust the steam release. The autoclave operator then opens the door and removes the completed AAC Block. Then it's separated into sizes and manufacturing dates. Our autoclaves are designed and built by MAP to fulfil the individual processing and operational requirements. Autoclaves are perfect for any application that requires the complete elimination of all live microorganisms on a regular basis.

AAC Block Autoclave is a large-scale steam tool used to produce Aerated Concrete and Autoclaved Blocks. It is suitable for steaming sand-lime bricks, fly ash bricks, slag bricks, aerated concrete blocks, cement piles, and other cement products. AAC Autoclave is a horizontal cylindrical steel appliance produced by MAP. The AAC Autoclave is of high quality, and its performance is consistent. The pressure vessel and crucial equipment in the manufacturing of autoclaved aerated and autoclaved blocks is the AAC Autoclave. It may be used to cure cut bodies or bricks at high temperatures and pressures. Saturated water vapour is used as the working medium.

AAC Autoclave Sterilizer Manufacturer

AAC Autoclave Sterilizer

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