We at MAP industries, a prominent and leading service provider from Ahmedabad, provide Fully Automatic Autoclave Cum Bung Processor, which includes Sliding Door Autoclave Cum Bung Processor and Autoclave Cum Bung Processor, as per client needs. Saturated Steam Sterilizers made by MAP Industries are the most adaptable and flexible, intended to suit the largest range of hospital and pharmaceutical industry needs. Steam Jacketed for Better Heat Distribution Uniformity is one of the advantages of the Fully Automatic Autoclave Cum Bung Processor. Technology that allows for a quick sterilisation cycle and reduced running costs. Sliding or hinged doors are available in single or double configurations. In the event of heat labile materials, an automatic printing facility is available for control. The touch screen allows for visual process control as well as connections for measuring signals and printers, as well as remote assistance.

Fully Automatic Autoclave Cum Bung Processor Manufacturer in Bhavnagar

hygienic air filter for vacuum break, online publishing and recording confirmation Validation ports for insertion of temperature sensors for thermometric testing, as well as a contamination seal to prohibit cross-flow of air between the clean and unclean areas. The Bung processor incorporates a Clean in Place system that washes the chamber and rotates the carriage to avoid discharged dirt from being transported from one phase to the next. This is especially true before the "Rinse with purified water" and "Sterilization" steps begin. It's made for a one-of-a-kind dual operation. To reduce the amount of money spent and the amount of space required. Given the difficulties in the compounding of the rubber used for the closures and the non-compliance with GMP by the producers of the electrometric closures, the requirement for proper processing technology is even more critical.


Fully Automatic Autoclave Cum Bung Processor

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