The Bung Processor incorporates a Clean in Place technology that washes the chamber and rotates the carriage to prevent dirt from being transferred over from one phase to the next. This is especially true before the Rinse with purified water and Sterilization processes begin. Sterile air purging to ensure proper bung fluidization., Designed especially gear to ensure no particle generation., Pressure and Temperature Dots ensure sanitization processmonitoring., Siliconizing via recycling pump., Automatic unloading structure and Chamber doors fully meet the requirements for sterile environments. Bungs are typically used to stopper vials, and they must be sanitized since they come into direct touch with the substance.

Though the use of pre-sterilized bungs from the market is still popular, their feasibility remains in doubt because to different handling and shipping challenges that raise sterility concerns. With 'easy of operation' in mind, MAP Industries created a one-of-a-kind drum that can automatically empty bungs, eliminating the need for intermediary bung 'handling.' Clients may also expect specific features like preservative and Hot Air treatment with HEPA Filters for improved outcomes owing to MAP's expertise. MAP Industries places a high value on quality, innovation, and customer happiness, and we don't take shortcuts in any of these areas. All of the items produced by MAP Industries are designed by a team of skilled engineers that strive for innovation. We aim to be the industry leader by bringing new ideas and creativity to our products, as well as a reflection of our vision. We are committed to creating one-of-a-kind solutions for our customers while also advancing with time and technology.


Bung Processor Cum Automatic Autoclave

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