The pass boxes made by MAP are ideal for carrying objects into and out of cleanrooms. Laboratory, medical, pharmaceutical, and light-industrial environments all employ these boxes. They not only provide complete security but also make product transportation easier. When goods must be transported, a Pass Box, also known as a transfer hatch or SAS pass (sterile access system), acts as a barrier between regions with varying levels of cleanliness. The device is used to move material from a dirty region to a clean area, and vice versa. Pass Boxes are commonly used in the pharmaceutical production industry to transport a specific item between two regions with varying levels of cleanliness.The boxes are supposed to move items from a high to a low level of cleanliness or vice versa. A Pass Box manufactured at MAP Industries are available in two version one is static and another dynamic in design, the optimal design configuration is determined by the user's individual requirements.

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Between the classified and non-classified regions, a dynamic pass box is installed. Material is carried vertically through HEPA-filtered air. On the other hand, a static pass box is merely installed between two clean room regions and has no air supply or extract. It has a UV lamp and is also known as a passive pass box. In India, we are ISO certified Pass Box Manufacturers. At MAP, we can create customized pass-through boxes in any size that the customer specifies. Every box is built to international standards and sent from India at a competitive price.

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